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Tabenai no? Ookami sanChapter 6.5
Shounen ai

A human child, Tarou, is abandoned in the forest as a sacrifice for the wolfman, Ul, who lives in the depths of the nearby forest. Disappointed by the tiny and stringy sacrifice, Ul feeds him tasty meals, makes him clean clothes, and protects him from harm until he's fit to eat. Tarou wants nothing more than his dear Ul to devour him as intended when he finally grows up, but many seasons go by in this forest with just the two of them.A truly sweet and melancholy BL story!

Juouheika to Sunakaburi no HanayomeChapter 6
Ecchi Yaoi

Just as Sunakaburi was almost killed by slave traders, he was saved by a snow leopard, the Beast King. Sunakaburi, who did not belong because of his different fur colour, was told by the king that he was his “destined mate”, and was given beautiful clothes, a soft bed to sleep in, and delicious food to eat instead of leftovers. The king even gave Sunakaburi a lovely name, “Kouran”. Overjoyed, Kouran wants to be of use to the king, but Kouran doesn’t really know what a “destined mate” is…

Why Don't You Eat Me, My Dear Wolf? [Official]Chapter 6.5
Adult Drama Mature Romance

Taro is sent to the forest alone. He's a sacrifice for the monstrous wolf, Uru. Upon seeing him, Uru declares Taro too small and too thin. The wolf feeds him, clothes him, and cares for him. Time passes and Taro finds himself wanting to be devoured by this giant wolf who gives him nothing but affection.

Goshujinsama toke damaChapter 7
Supernatural Yaoi

Chigusa is a businessman who lives alone. One day he picks up a dirty hairball-like animal, thinking it’s a cat. He washes and feeds it and puts it to bed, but the next morning… in the room there’s an adolescent with cat ears and a tail, which Chigusa has never seen before. He calls Chigusa “Master” and wants to serve him hard, so Chigusa names him “Kedama (hairball)” and they start living together, but…

My dear wolf, why not eat me?Chapter 6.5

Tarou is a human child abandoned in the forest as a sacrifice. And Ul is a wolf that resides deep in that forest. He criticized the skinny child for not being good at all, so he fed Tarou, gave him nice clothes, cherished and cherished the boy, not letting him have the slightest wound. After growing up, although Tarou always thought that one day Ul would eat him deliciously, as the years passed, in the deep forest, the two of them were still together.