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Love or HateChapter 106.5
Drama Mature Romance Smut

Haesoo is a cynical writer of a romance column, while Joowon, his former stepbrother, is a famous actor. The two go way back - thrust together when their parents remarried, their relationship is far from simple. Brothers? Soulmates? Friends with benefits? Or nothing at all? Theirs is a delicate balance between lust and loathing, dating and breaking up, irritation and infatuation. When the mysterious photographer “K” takes an interest in Haesoo, events begin to spiral out of control. As the lines between art and reality become increasingly blurred, what direction will this story take? Cheap romance? Sensual erotica? Or something much more twisted?

Love or Hate(Yeongha)Chapter 106.5
Adult Drama Romance Smut

Haesoo and Joowon, whose parents' remarriage meant that they must never be in a romantic relationship. Through repeated partings and encounters, fights and their senseless forsaken relationship in bed, changes began to take place as Taekyung came in between the two of them.

Fools RemasteredChapter 16
Drama Romance Shounen ai Webtoons

Eunki’s always been an introvert, but he was never this jaded before. All the vivid excitement he felt as a freshman moving to the big city has faded into colorless lethargy years later. Now he mostly keeps to himself, only showing his face at the occasional meet-up. But at one such event, he runs into Jungwoo, a peppy young freshman who’s keen to make a good impression. Little does Eunki know that this eager hoobae is about to sweep through his stale life like a breath of fresh air. From the creators of “Love or Hate” comes the new and improved retelling of a fan favorite. These boys have never looked so good.

Love or Hate [All-Ages Edition]Chapter 100
Drama Romance Shounen ai

Haesoo and Joowon met through their parents when they got remarried and have been in an illicit relationship ever since. The repeated break ups and meetings have numbed them, the process of arguing and sleeping together remaining a constant. All this changes when Taekyung gets involved.

Fools: Original (Official)Chapter 16
Comedy Drama Romance Shounen ai

Nothing makes Eungi feel anything anymore. Life is a blur between attending college classes, having meaningless drinks with classmates, and maintaining the nearly defunct guitar club. That is, until one day, he comes across a freshman named Jeongwoo, who is eager to make a good impression on his senior. Though Jeongwoo's bubbly personality rubs Eungi in all the wrong ways, Eungi can't help but feel a little warm when he thinks of him. And when Jeongwoo joins the guitar club, that warmth in Eungi's chest only grows. Has Eungi finally found someone to breathe some life into his jaded indifference?