Can't say No (official)

Webtoon Shounen ai
Total views: 2305
Last chapter: 10

Hate Mate [Tapas TL]

Manhwa Yaoi Comedy Drama ...
Total views: 14618
Last chapter: 23

Kings Maker

Manhwa Shounen ai Yaoi Comedy ...
Total views: 1837785
Last chapter: 99

Silent Heartbeat

Manhua Yaoi(BL) Drama Romance ...
Total views: 683
Last chapter: 4

Secret inside my heart

Manhwa Yaoi(BL) Adult Mature ...
Total views: 1733
Last chapter: 4

Secret ejaculation

Manhwa Yaoi(BL) Adult Mature ...
Total views: 8092
Last chapter: 4

Grab the Stars

Manga Yaoi(BL) Smut Comedy ...
Total views: 405
Last chapter: 1

Monster In The Mist

Shounen Ai Action Webtoons
Total views: 71932
Last chapter: 66

2gether the Series

Korean Manhwa Shounen ai Adaptation ...
Total views: 181774
Last chapter: 75

Don't Build My Hopes Up

Manhwa Webtoon Shounen ai Drama ...
Total views: 49410
Last chapter: 50.5

The Lord Has Hidden Intentions

Manhua Yaoi Beasts Fantasy ...
Total views: 70819
Last chapter: 59

Bedtime Fairy Tales

Shounen ai Fantasy Romance
Total views: 77081
Last chapter: 66

I’m Sick Ah

Comedy Drama Romance Shounen Ai ...
Total views: 365
Last chapter: 21

My Lovely Bodyguard

French Webtoon Shounen ai Action ...
Total views: 3432
Last chapter: 20

Attack And Occupy

Drama Romance School life Shounen ai ...
Total views: 55375
Last chapter: 94

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