The Blood Moon

Manhwa Fantasy Romance Vampires
Total views: 15474
Last chapter: 17

The Werewolf Is Mine

Manhua Yaoi Childhood Friends Fantasy ...
Total views: 10330
Last chapter: 24

The Witch-Guarding Warden

Manhua Shounen Action Harem ...
Total views: 530
Last chapter: 2

Song of the Night Walkers

Manga Shounen Comedy Drama ...
Total views: 28325
Last chapter: 172

Crush and Burn

Korean Manhwa Yaoi Drama ...
Total views: 533737
Last chapter: 58

Codename: GHOST

Manhwa Yaoi Adult Mature ...
Total views: 11483
Last chapter: 11

The Blood Moon [Official]

Manhwa Webtoon Josei Adult ...
Total views: 34046
Last chapter: 16

Pure Love Blood

Josei(W) Shoujo(G) Smut Drama ...
Total views: 1068
Last chapter: 1

Tentacle Recipe (OFFICIAL)

Manhwa Yaoi Smut Violence ...
Total views: 104821
Last chapter: 41

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