Ao no Hako

One shot Romance School life Sports
Total views: 83760
Last chapter: 93

Fairytale for Wizards

Shoujo One Shot Drama Fantasy ...
Total views: 14686
Last chapter: 58

Yume no Sono

Josei One Shot Sports Slice Of Life ...
Total views: 342
Last chapter: 4

Love for Hire

Manga Josei Drama One shot ...
Total views: 7859
Last chapter: 25

The Lady Wants to Rest

Fantasy One shot Romance Shoujo
Total views: 834731
Last chapter: 69

It's No Use Hanging On

Fantasy Historical One shot Romance ...
Total views: 195376
Last chapter: 104

Baby Empress

Comedy Fantasy One shot Romance
Total views: 275791
Last chapter: 85

Hello Baby

Manga Shounen Action Drama ...
Total views: 2683
Last chapter: 7

Queen, You Musn't!

Comedy Drama Fantasy One shot ...
Total views: 13889
Last chapter: 52

Flying Witch

Comedy One Shot Romance School Life ...
Total views: 13379
Last chapter: 72

Aman's Animal Tales

One Shot Webtoons Comedy Slice Of Life
Total views: 2701
Last chapter: 18


Shounen ai Yaoi Smut Doujinshi ...
Total views: 20788
Last chapter: 26

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