I Became the Beastman's Wife

Manhua Shoujo Drama Fantasy ...
Total views: 87053
Last chapter: 101

First Miss Reborn

Adventure Romance
Total views: 155732
Last chapter: 361

Immortal God King

Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts
Total views: 35344
Last chapter: 243

Lu Bu's Life Story

Ecchi Action Webtoons Martial Arts ...
Total views: 7649
Last chapter: 52

Divine Circumstances

Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance ...
Total views: 3834
Last chapter: 26

Stockholm syndrome

Psychological Yaoi Webtoons
Total views: 688216
Last chapter: 48.5

Shadow Hack

Action Drama Fantasy Sci-fi
Total views: 123065
Last chapter: 199

My First Love is A Guy

Shounen ai Romance Webtoons
Total views: 22352
Last chapter: 47

Princess's Doll Shop

Fantasy Isekai Josei Magic ...
Total views: 31894
Last chapter: 42

May I Please Ask You Just One Last Thing?

Total views: 2327
Last chapter: 36

Summer Bloom

Shoujo Romance
Total views: 43316
Last chapter: 64

Adeline’s Twilight

Drama Fantasy Romance
Total views: 36817
Last chapter: 46

The Duke’s Redemption

Action Adventure Fantasy
Total views: 25790
Last chapter: 49

Apex Future Martial Arts

Total views: 5538
Last chapter: 25

Complicated Cohabitation

Josei Romance
Total views: 5250
Last chapter: 23

A World-class Walkthrough

Action Adventure Fantasy
Total views: 9101
Last chapter: 41

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