Deliverance of the Counterattack

Comedy Shounen Ai Webtoons
Total views: 14368679
Last chapter: 332

Full Volume

Webtoons Yaoi Mature Smut
Total views: 12272593
Last chapter: 98

K's Secret

Drama Fantasy Romance Webtoons ...
Total views: 12154215
Last chapter: 64

How to Chase an Alpha

Comedy Drama Webtoons Yaoi
Total views: 11092729
Last chapter: 103

Dangerous Convenience Store

Yaoi Comedy Romance Webtoons
Total views: 10607982
Last chapter: 89

Pearl Boy

smut yaoi webtoons
Total views: 10557716
Last chapter: 78


Action Adventure Fantasy Webtoons ...
Total views: 8913486
Last chapter: 248

Whose Baby is it?

Comedy Drama Fantasy Shounen Ai ...
Total views: 8167142
Last chapter: 239

Legs That Won't Walk

Romance Yaoi Webtoons
Total views: 7554804
Last chapter: 95

Who's Your Daddy?

Yaoi Smut Drama Historical ...
Total views: 7070191
Last chapter: 50.5

Hold Me Tight

Romance Yaoi Webtoons
Total views: 6802255
Last chapter: 184

Beauty and the Beasts

Ecchi Fantasy Harem Romance ...
Total views: 5659569
Last chapter: 465

Love Jinx

Webtoons Yaoi
Total views: 5586210
Last chapter: 72

Semantic Error

Shounen Ai Comedy Romance School life ...
Total views: 5553101
Last chapter: 74

Walk on Water

Adult Fantasy Smut Webtoons ...
Total views: 5268786
Last chapter: 62.4

Killing Stalking

Drama Horror Manhwa Mature ...
Total views: 5180448
Last chapter: 67.5


Adult Drama Fantasy Historical ...
Total views: 4821873
Last chapter: 138.5

Solo Leveling

Action Adventure Manhwa Shounen ...
Total views: 4419731
Last chapter: 200

Relationship Guidelines

Yuri School Life Webtoons
Total views: 4222429
Last chapter: 82

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