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    • Other names: 小説家さまは、もんもんしたがる,The Writer and His Housekeeper
    • Author(s): Kana nakatsuki
    • Genre(s): Japanese Manga Josei Comedy
    • Status: Ongoing
    • Views: 13448

    Emi Machida has led a hard life, but she's learned to be an optimist...even if her first housekeeping job is at a dilapidated house. Which, that would be one thing, but the home's resident happens to be Akihito Fukase, a popular novelist of an erotic mystery series...and quite the erotic himself. Emi puts her foot down when he tries to use her to help him get material for his books, but when her house suddenly burns down and he offers her a place to stay...somehow, she can't resist!

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    Shousetsuka-sama wa, Monmon Shitagaru Chap 9

    Shousetsuka-sama wa, Monmon Shitagaru Chap 10


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