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    • Other names: スカートを脱いだ野獣。~女装男子に包囲されました!?,Off with the Skirt and out Comes the Beast! -I'm Surrounded by Cross-Dressing Men!-
    • Author(s): Kana nakatsuki
    • Genre(s): Manga Josei Romance Smut
    • Status: Ongoing
    • Views: 21226

    Kaede is down on her luck, with no job and no boyfriend. While wandering the streets, she runs into a man named Chinatsu, who reminds her of her first crush. Driven by what feels like fate, Kaede follows him... to a cross-dressing bar! She's mistaken for the new hire and finds herself in the bizarre situation of cross-dressing as a woman despite being a woman herself. She meets Chinatsu again, in his feminine clothes, and he kindly teaches her the ropes. However, the instant they're alone, Chinatsu makes a move on Kaede... He still thinks she's a man and tells her he normally only goes for women, but that he's attracted to her all the same. The fervent kisses, the passionate touches... She can't run away from his aggressive embrace...!

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