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Arbella, the greatest magician of the Camulita Empire and the perfect princess, falls ill one day due to an unknown disease. One night, writhing in terrible pain as always, she sees her future in a dream. In that place, there’s only one person smiling, her half-sister Yudit! How dare a lowly slave-born child try to steal my glory?! Arbella even attempts forbidden magic, but ultimately faces a miserable end. Waking from the dream and shedding tears for a moment, she can’t accept dying so unfairly. So, Arbella starts to make plans for survival. 1_Keep her younger sister, who will be her future enemy, close. 2_Obtain the knight who will be Yudit’s sacrificial offering for the forbidden magic. Fortunately, the plans go smoothly, and she gets both of them under her control… But why do they keep following me around? I’m your enemy! Will Arbella be able to survive safely?

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The Monster Princess Chapter 8

The Monster Princess Chapter 9

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