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After attempting suicide due to bullying, Katou acquires supernatural powers and an indestructible body. Upon seeing his bully, Oda, again, he murders him with his powers. Katou is exhausted, but Oda comes back to life and awakens with the ability to hear the inner thoughts of others. Katou, curious about Oda's condition, goes to check on him and finds a weak and frightened Oda, a complete change from his previously arrogant demeanor. When the two come face to face, they realize that they cannot hear each other's thoughts, and only when they are together can they forget everything and become "normal" again. In this hellish world, the only ones who understand them are each other, and they grow dependent on one another as if they were seeking a high...

Chapters (6)

Two In Six Billion Chapter 5.5 2 months ago

Two In Six Billion Chapter 5 2 months ago

Two In Six Billion Chapter 4 2 months ago

Two In Six Billion Chapter 3 2 months ago

Two In Six Billion Chapter 2 4 months ago

Two In Six Billion Chapter 1 7 months ago

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