Japanese Manga Shounen Action ...
Total views: 5870
Last chapter: 98

Super God System

Shounen Ecchi Action Adventure ...
Total views: 11856
Last chapter: 71

God of Martial Arts

Action Adventure Martial Arts Seinen
Total views: 323192
Last chapter: 554


Action Comedy Drama Historical ...
Total views: 146326
Last chapter: 198

Soul Land 5

Manhua Shounen Action Adventure ...
Total views: 28106
Last chapter: 103

Black Lagoon: Eda Initial stage

Action Drama
Total views: 629
Last chapter: 9

Return Of The Avenger

Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy ...
Total views: 22837
Last chapter: 65

Martial God Asura

Action Adventure Romance
Total views: 172814
Last chapter: 753

The World After The Fall

Action Adventure Fantasy
Total views: 60282
Last chapter: 66

The Lone Sss-class Summoner

Action Adventure Fantasy
Total views: 10673
Last chapter: 37

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