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Report Website Issues Or Suggest Improvements

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If you find any problems, please comment here. We serious check this topic every day

Report Bad Translation

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Hi everyone,
We would like you to know that we read each of your complaints daily and try to solve them according, including the bad translation, and would like everyone to understand a few facts about the situation:

I/ Fact about manga source and managing:
As automatic upload is the primary method to keep such a vast library updated, we sometimes have to accept that quality control sometimes is complex and solving problems based on users' reports is the only way. we don't have the resource to look into each chapter before uploading them for 100% of the manga.

II/ How are we dealing with imperfect translation?
The method is simple, we follow the following set of questions:

1. Is it that bad to the point of unacceptable?
yes, then
2. is there any better version out there?
yes, then we will update this manga source from now on
no, then
3. Can we find a manual uploader for this manga?

With this flow, we should have the best translation version on the site already, but there are a few twists about this:
- We only check the one that multiple readers are complaining about, ticking "admin should know about this" -> we can't just check because 1 or 2 person does not like the translation that much.
- There is a better version out there, and we can get our hands on it. OR someone is willing to be the uploader of that manga. -> Sometimes bad translations are the only version out there; maybe in the future, but we don't have our translation team currently.

1. Don't complain. Just let us know in the comment about the situation and wait, and know that we will look into it. Cant be fast, but we will.
2. Let us know if "you know" there is a better version, and we will try to find it.
3. You can always be an uploader yourself and help other users. Tbh, there are no perks for uploaders atm, aside from receiving praise and thank you from everyone, but we will look into this in the future -> in the end, this site is a place where everyone contributes and has fun.

I hope this will help everyone know what to do from now on and help our team improves the site for our users :)

Love you guys 💯


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Hi guys, please use this topic to request your manga from now on
Note that: 
- make sure you search the manga in incognito mode first (since a lot of you have genres block in your setting) 
- try different names of the manga 
- try open google.com, then search "[title manga] + domain"

Report harmful content

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We do not allow harmful content including but not limited to child pornography, terrorism, discrimination, sexism, racism, human rights violation. Please comment the link if you got it. Thanks!

Sweet and tender Yaoi manhwa recommendations.

created by   nickim  



Y'all what is your go-to Yaoi manhwa for when you need to recover from reading something heart-breaking, mind-numbing, traumatising?? I am looking for something sweet and tender like Dangerous Convenience Store.

HELPPP. I'm looking for the name of this manhwa.

created by   nuims  



Hi everyone. I made a new account just for this. Please help a sister out because I'm about to lose my mind trying to recall this manhwa's name 😭 Basically, months ago I read a story which name I completely forgot. I've gone through my history but since I don't remember the title, I couldn't find it. However, I remember certain parts of the story. If anyone could help me out figure out the name based on the descriptions, please do let me know. Thank youuuu

- I think it's historical manhwa but my goldfish memory could be wrong  >_<
- The MC's parents died when he was young, so he has to live with his uncle's family. I don't know if I remember correctly but his parents are either royalty or some high ranking noble. After their death, he moved in with his uncle because he's the only family he has left. 
- However, the uncle's family is not very fond of him and tries to siphon all of his inheritance. They made him work for food and disrespect him, BUT one part that I clearly remember is that his family accused the MC of trying to seduce his cousin. Because of the accusation, I believe he was thrown out of the house not long after and has to find ways to survive.
- Again, not sure if I get it right but as he grows older, he becomes good looking and somewhat a playboy who sleeps around with many women. Due to his harsh upbringing, he uses his good look & bed skills to take advantage of these women (I could be wrong on this part though).
- Later in life, he plans for revenge over his parents' death & plans to take back everything that his uncle took from him. To do so, he somehow got into an arranged marriage. The wife somehow knows about his reputation as ladies' man and was constantly harrased by the women that he slept with in the past.

Anddd these are the only things I could remember from the story. I totally appreciate it if anyone could help me out with this one because it's been stuck with me for months and I can't seem to get it out of my mind.

Till then, thank you in advanced! 🤞🏼

Mercenary enrollment new chapter is Incomplete?

created by   rewine90  



What happened? Did you just tell us to read on another site? 🤷

Debt of love newest chapter, where?

created by   rewine90  



I got notification but when I click the link the images can be loaded 😩,,, I try to change server but it's no where to read...

Help a homie out

created by   🌈JustUrAverageKitty🌈  



Hey there babes! Ya bestie is running out of bl to read so I'm humbly asking for recoms. Lol anything is fine, throw everything and anything you likee~ at me I'll gobble em up and have a dàrn feast with it haha the only exception is Shounen ai tho, I still prefer my bl/yaoi with a little pinch of smut (atleast a kiss) I appreciate slow burn, anything with decent/good story line heck I even settle with trash content. Lol zankyuuu in advance smooch smooch! ❤

loading problems (?)

created by   Myself.tv  



Hey, am I the only one ho cannot see front covers ? I mean I have this habit of reading manhwas when the front cover is pretty but now I can't.

mystery romance

created by   LordRainMastersgf  



does someonee know some romance manhwas with a lotttt of sexual tension and some kind of mystery plot? idk how to explain it but not necessarily mystery but smth like mystery or revenge or just some serious things like payback, no moral, purple hyancith

Isekai de Aisare Hime ni Nattara Genjitsu ga Kawari Hajimemashita.

created by   BrownEyedGirl  



Please post remaining chapters

Notification problem

created by   DevilFox  



Ok this might just be me but shouldn't we not receive notifications of manhwas that we have on Plan to read and/or Dropped? Cuz like I'm still getting them if I have them on Plan to Read it means I plan to read them later on and not receive notifications for them right now

Help is needed

created by   Nina  



help, i logged into my account on my phone and none of my bookmarks or notifications will show. But it does show that I'm logged into the same account

Entering the site takes a long time to load

created by   rewine90  



It's been almost a week,,, when I entered the site or read the chapter it's take quite long to enter,,, my internet is okay because I also read some of other site And it works fine,,,

All Pages is scrolling automaticly to down and ITS impossible to read

created by   Warui666  



Wien i open some manga, ITS starts to scroll automatic to down, and it doesnt stop. I cant read anything because of this, its been two days

Bookmark Issue

created by   Xiao_Yin  



when I logged into my acount majority of my bookmarks are gone? will i have them back because i have over 200+ manhwas in my bookmark  ;-;

loading images

created by   arrolain  



I can't read sh*t!!! the chapters aren't loading in any server. its been 3 days pls what can I do?

Reigniting Beastly Desires~Intense Love after a Decade

created by   BrownEyedGirl  



Please update this manga.. It looks SO good

Can somebody help me find the name of this yaoi please?

created by   nickim  



It is about an office worker who is being harassed by his ex. He then meets a new guy who seems to treating him very nicely. He is also getting hit on by two of the new guy's friends. He then discovers to his shock that all of this was just a bet between the new guy and his friends on who will sleep with the uke first.

My fv site

created by   basma neko  



book recom

created by   bokeklej  



can you add serena (manhwa), i tried looking here but maybe i didnt look hard enough.

Looking for help to find a webtoon

created by   Nooooooo_ai  



I'm looking for a smut webtoon.  I believe it's contract marriage.  First scene is the female lead getting on a train.  The male lead I believe is a soldier.  The art is like old British.


cannot click on anything

created by   BrownEyedGirl  



I cannot click on many things. Even if things are in my bookmark or on the site, I cannot click anything on the site. I can't bookmark new things or even review. no button works.

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