Love Is An Illusion

Manhwa Yaoi Comedy Drama ...
Total views: 26222642
Last chapter: 107

Sign (Ker)

Manhwa Webtoon Yaoi Drama ...
Total views: 19467243
Last chapter: 115.5

Secret Class

Adult Mature Smut Drama ...
Total views: 17445812
Last chapter: 173

Here U Are

Webtoon Yaoi Drama Romance ...
Total views: 16008065
Last chapter: 139

Kiss me, Liar

Drama Romance Yaoi Smut
Total views: 15396412
Last chapter: 48.5

Love Shuttle

Manhwa Yaoi Comedy Drama ...
Total views: 15072281
Last chapter: 98

K's Secret

Drama Fantasy Romance Webtoons ...
Total views: 12141818
Last chapter: 64

Yours to Claim

Manhwa Yaoi Drama Mature ...
Total views: 11290068
Last chapter: 74

How to Chase an Alpha

Comedy Drama Webtoons Yaoi
Total views: 11080144
Last chapter: 103

A Business Proposal

Manhwa Josei Drama Romance ...
Total views: 10498253
Last chapter: 124

Hold Me Tight (Revised)

Manhwa Yaoi Drama Romance
Total views: 8233615
Last chapter: 120

Whose Baby is it?

Comedy Drama Fantasy Shounen Ai ...
Total views: 8158199
Last chapter: 239

Positively Yours

Drama Josei Romance Slice of Life
Total views: 7592043
Last chapter: 83

Who's Your Daddy?

Yaoi Smut Drama Historical ...
Total views: 7064143
Last chapter: 50.5

Banana Scandal

Manhwa Yaoi Drama Smut
Total views: 6920532
Last chapter: 163

Sister Neighbors

Adult Mature Smut Drama ...
Total views: 6121952
Last chapter: 160

Light and Shadow

Drama Gender Bender Historical Josei ...
Total views: 6067278
Last chapter: 103

Dear Door

Manga Yaoi Action Comedy ...
Total views: 5728295
Last chapter: 163.5

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