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Black Mirror

검은 거울

Authors : Muhwa, Wrist

Status : Completed

Genres : Horror , Psychological , Webtoons , Yaoi

Chapters: 62

Last update: 3 years ago

4,230 Follows


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Tae Joon suffered a traumatic event in his youth that led him to lose his childhood memories.While looking for a place to rent, he meets Jung Yeon Woo, who claims to have been his childhood best friend, and ends up becoming his housemate. After he moves in, Tae Joon starts having horrific dreams of countless hands groping his body or Yeon Woo giving him unfamiliar pleasures. Haunted by daily occurrences of these nightmares and hallucinations, he starts to fall apart. Despite being aware of Tae Joon’s situation, Yeon Woo feigns ignorance and pursues a sexual relationship with him.“You can do it while thinking of me. Just be honest with yourself and don’t hold back.” Although Tae Joon is disturbed by these turn of events, he can’t help but look forward to being further corrupted by Yeon Woo...