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Solo Leveling (Official)

I am the only the one who levels up,I level up alone,Na Honjaman Lebel-eob,Only I Level Up,Ore Dake Level Up na Ken,Поднятие уровня в одиночку,俺だけレベルアップな件,我独自升级,나 혼자만 레벨업

Authors : Chugong, Gee so-lyung, Redice studio

Status : Completed

Genres : Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Magic , Manhwa , Monsters , Shounen , Webtoons

Chapters: 200

Last update: 11 months ago

2,680 Follows


You are reading Solo Leveling (Official) manga, one of the most popular manga covering in Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Manhwa, Monsters, Shounen, Webtoons genres, written by Chugong,Gee so-lyung,Redice studio at ManhuaScan, a top manga site to offering for read manga online free. Solo Leveling (Official) has 201 translated chapters and translations of other chapters are in progress. Lets enjoy.
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In a world where awakened beings called “Hunters” must battle deadly monsters to protect humanity, Sung Jinwoo, nicknamed “the weakest hunter of all mankind,” finds himself in a constant struggle for survival. One day, after a brutal encounter in an overpowered dungeon wipes out his party and threatens to end his life, a mysterious System chooses him as its sole player: Jinwoo has been granted the rare opportunity to level up his abilities, possibly beyond any known limits. Follow Jinwoo’s journey as he takes on ever-stronger enemies, both human and monster, to discover the secrets deep within the dungeons and the ultimate extent of his powers.