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Loved from the Tips of My Toes (Official)

Tsumasaki Kara Aisarete,Loved from the Tiptoes,つま先から愛されて,从趾间开始被爱

Authors : Matsumoto noda

Status : Completed

Genres : Adult , Drama , Manga , Mature , Romance , Slice of life , Smut , Yaoi

Chapters: 5.5

Last update: 1 month ago

41 Follows


You are reading Loved from the Tips of My Toes (Official) manga, one of the most popular manga covering in Adult, Drama, Manga, Mature, Romance, Slice of life, Smut, Yaoi genres, written by Matsumoto noda at ManhuaScan, a top manga site to offering for read manga online free. Loved from the Tips of My Toes (Official) has 6 translated chapters and translations of other chapters are in progress. Lets enjoy.
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After breaking up with his boyfriend, a depressed Asuka propositions the first man he comes across. Tamamura, who has a secret foot fetish, rejects him initially but gets turned on by the sight if Asuka's bare feet and succumbs to his desires. The next day, Asuka thinks his encounter with Tamamura is best forgotten as a one night stand, but it seems Tamamura, enamoured with Asuka's feet, is not willing to let go...?