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When I Reincarnated, I Was a Mid-boss Who Died Early in the Game ―Survive by Becoming a Household Member with Heroine―Chapter 2.2
Action Comedy Ecchi

You wake up after an accident and are reincarnated as a middle boss who dies early in the game! In order not to be killed by the heroes who will eventually attack you, you must XXX and make the women your servants and gain more comrades! An exciting and inevitable otherworldly survival fantasy! (MTL)

The Transfer Destination Was a World with few Pharmacists (Official)Chapter 6

Yui lost her job when the place she worked went under. Then she was whisked to another world because of a god's mistake and now can't return to Japan! Resigning herself to living in this new world, she becomes a pharmacist after the god recommended it. Yui learns practically all pharmacy skills, and away she goes! As she begins her journey toward finding a permanent home, are her god-chosen skills actually better than she can ever imagine?!

I'm a Level D Student〘official〙Chapter 24
Action Comedy Drama Supernatural

In a world where powerful beings are ranked by abilities, Key Academy is a battleground for the elite. Jelack, a mysterious new student, comes in as a bottom-tier Level D student. As students regularly spar to flaunt their powers, keeping her low rank a secret becomes increasingly difficult. Jelack trains in the shadows, aiming to rise above her D status. With unknown reasons for her transfer and her past shrouded in secrecy, she must uncover her true potential to survive the fierce hierarchy of the academy. Every day is a fight for recognition and respect, and Jelack is determined to prove her worth. ⓒ JELACK, ULTRAMEDIA / MSTORYHUB All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners

I, The Great Demon Cleric fell in love with the Hostage Princess who was kidnapped by my boss, The Demon KingChapter 0
Comedy Romance Shounen

This is a fan series for all those who love sleepy princess in the demon castle and a big shippers of Princess Sya and the Demon Cleric. This series has all the chapters that involve Leo and Sya’s relationship and only their chapters. I don’t own manga and I used AI to make up the title. If you want to read the original manga, click the link below.

Soul Land 5Chapter 180
Action Comedy Martial arts Shounen

A generation of god king was reborn in the magical world of Falan. He was surprised to find that everything here is so wonderful, and he was lucky to find his wife’s reincarnation. However, she has no memory of her previous life, and she is already a passerby when she meets again. Can a generation of God Kings be reborn in this unfriendly world to humans, can they recover their wives again? What kind of path to rebirth will the all kinds of strange monsters and gods bring to him? All in the journey of a generation of gods to chase his wife

Love Advice from the Great Duke of HellChapter 20
Comedy Drama Webtoons

The girl of your dreams barely knows you exist. Your friends can't help. Your family is clueless. So where do you turn for love advice? Who can provide you with that essential assistance for the lovelorn? If you're average everyday teenager Paul, you summon a powerful demon from deep in the recesses of Hell and frankly, hope for the best.

Raising Newbie Heroes In Another WorldChapter 69
Action Comedy Shounen

“I want to go home!” Cage, the hero, summoned to the other world, succeeds in overcoming adversity and hardship, and defeats the demon king. I was happy that I could finally go back home, but when I came to my senses, everything reverted to the way it was at the beginning. Now I’ve repeated it countless times and reached a point where I can catch the world’s strongest demon king with my bare hands. To summarize, I am an overpowered protagonist rotting in this world. “If I can’t do it, let’s make someone else finish the Demon King!” To go back home the rotten hero starts raising newbie Heroes!

Kang Isae's Happy EndingChapter 47
Shounen ai Yaoi

Kang Isae, operating a intelligence agency under an alias, secretly possesses an immortal body. One day, Rowan, an executive from the Caliophil organization, comes seeking his services. Astonishingly, his request is none other than to find Kang Isae himself. And the reason for his search? Shockingly... to kill him.

I’m The Great ImmortalChapter 629
Action Martial arts Shounen

The previous life was a peerless genius in the world of immortality. He was killed by 3 celestial beings. He was accidentally reborn to his 20s by the book of heaven. All he wanted to do was to become an immortal and return to the immortal world, and he became the strongest man on the earth, turning his hands into clouds and covering his hands with rain, provoking anyone who defies him! He is the venerable one! The ruler of 3000 worlds! The guy who is 10 000 times better than Thanos! He is Taixuan Taizun! The Great Immortal!

The Other World's Doting Was Cheat Level?! BL AnthologyChapter 1
Romance Shounen ai Yaoi

"The Insatiable Demon King, the Devoted Prime Minister, the Strongest Hero, etc... Who Is the Mob Me That Is Doted on by a Thug from Another World!?" From "Moonlight Novels," a popular BL novel, comes a luxurious comic adaptation by a talented team of artists! An anthology of otherworldly x doting BL short stories♪ [Cover] Illustrated by Shinobu Takayama [Included Stories] 1. "Looks Like I’m Engaged to the Demon Chancellor." (Manga: Saco, Original Story: Taomi) - Trying to break off an engagement with the demon prime minister, he attempts to lose his virginity!? 2. "I Was Supposed to Be Reincarnated as an NPC, but I Am Passionately Loved by My Favorite Character." (Manga: Arareya Kon, Original Story: Naori) - A fujoshi reincarnated into a BL game world, passionately in love with his crush!? 3. "Our Demon King Is Too Overprotective." (Manga: Kurosaki, Original Story: Tatsuo Akiyama) - Enclosed by the childhood friend (demon lord) he met after reincarnation!? 4. "The Crybaby Sorcerer, and His Other World Life After 100% Clear" (Manga: Machi Komachi, Original Story: Kanami) - After clearing a quest, he's doted on by the strongest hero――. 5. "No, I Am a Knight Guard, But ~Who the Prince Chose When Picking His Wife Was the Man Over There~" (Manga: Shinobu Takayama, Original Story: Seven) - The cool crown prince publicly proposes to a mob knight!?

a warrior exiled by the hero and his loverChapter 27
Action Romance

After losing his girlfriend to a brave hero, Toru is expelled from his S-Rank party. With a feeling of sadness and pain in his heart, he defeats a demon he meets outside the city, and his ability [to save experience] is broken! Toru becomes level 300 in the blink of an eye! With this power that far surpasses that of heroes, there is nothing that can stop him. Kaede, a s*ave he met on his journey, forms a group called the “Mangyu Brigade”, and easily completes dungeons, acquires the legendary sacred weapons, and thanks to his skills, his friends level up easily! He rescued a countess who was attacked by bandits on the road, and befriended a legendary beast. Toru’s journey continues at a leisurely pace, as he repeatedly encounters various people along the way, while his former party of heroes are deprived of opportunities to play an active role and fall into decline. This is the beginning of the life of a 300 level warrior!

Catastrophic NecromancerChapter 78
Action Shounen

The game has emerged into reality, the rules of the world have been turned upside down and humanity has entered the era of becoming players with the world set as a game stage. The only way to become a player is by leveling up to become stronger! The only way to rise to the top of the world! On the day of world fusion Lin Moyue chose to take on the sole hidden class, Necromancer. From then on, Lin Moyue would not die until his summoned creatures died out. "I sit on the throne of bones as the God of the dead and walk between life and death." "I am a walking catastrophe!"

Onnamao-sama ha Yusha-kun wo taosenaiChapter 2
Comedy Shounen

The Demon King's ConfessionChapter 82
Action Drama

The ‘curse’ left by the demon king a thousand years ago turns people into magicians. Lapis dreams of becoming a paladin while hiding her identity as a magician. One day, she accidentally summoned the demon king ‘Kara’! The demon king will remove the curse if she helps him, but… Wait, this Demon King’s confession is unusual?! Chasing the stars, Lapis approaches the truth of a thousand years ago.

If You Get Caught, You'll Die!Chapter 56
Action Comedy Drama Romance

"They're really going to eat me like this...♥" Thinking it was fruit, I took a bite, but it turned out to be the precious essence of the dragon! <10 years after the essence has been fully absorbed, I'll rip out your heart.> 10 years later, the dragon 'Callix' reappeared as an imperial family in front of 'Cilia' who became an adult. It was good that she had to get dressed in a hurry so that her identity would not be revealed. however. "Why do you keep looking at me? Those eyes aren't curious. It's like-" "Chuh… love at first sight! I can't take my eyes off you!" The 'disguise' of unrequited love that started like this is for a while, Midnight: Celia is suddenly called to Calix's room. "I will give you the honor of attending my bath every night from now on." Can't you let go of this hand and talk to me? "It's strange. Just looking at you makes my appetite come back." I continue... Where are you playing!

The Story of SuccubusChapter 5

White Dragon Duke: PendragonChapter 111

Born as the successor of a low-ranking noble household, Raven Varte wears the sin of plotting a rebellion against the empire. To be granted amnesty, he was sent to fight demons alongside the worst corp of the empire, the ”Demon” corp. Most say that it is a place where most won’t survive for even a year, but Raven somehow managed to survive for ten. When his amnesty was in front of his eyes, on his last battlefield, he met the ‘Successor of the Pendragon Duke Household, Ellen Pendrago

My Succubus Girlfriend (Reboot 2021)Chapter 27
Comedy Romance

Izumo is a scary-looking top student. Everyone is afraid of him, but in reality, he just wants friends and a fun school life. One day he is targeted by a succubus named Anastasia who attempts to steal his virgin soul. A reboot with improved art but similar story of the old version.

Devil at the Crossroads [Mature Official]Chapter 45
Adult Mature Smut Supernatural

Growing up with a Catholic priest for a mother and a shaman for a father sure is a recipe for an interesting childhood. For Ha Yoon, it’s also the reason he decides to go into veterinary science - a career path free from religion. Everything is going according to plan, until the unthinkable happens: Yoon realizes he has a phobia of blood. After a poorly-timed suggestion made by occult-obsessed friend, Yoon finds himself drunkenly bartering away his very soul to Samael, the devil at the crossroads. The thing is, the gods don’t take kindly to people messing with the son of two of their most devoted followers, and the contract backfires, scattering the unwitting demon’s powers across the mortal realm. Caught in an incomplete contract, Yoon is promised his soul’s safety in return for his help restoring the demon’s powers. But is Yoon willing to take this devil’s bargain…?

I'm Not That Kind of Talent (Official)Chapter 63
Drama Shounen Webtoons

A talented individual who is respected by many and welcomed anywhere? Not at all! A bloodthirsty battle fanatic who knows no defeat? Couldn’t be further from the truth! In reality, Deon Hardt is a sickly human who coughs up blood from receiving the tiniest bit of stress and gets sunburns from standing in the sun for ten minutes. But due to an unfortunate misunderstanding, he becomes “Demon Arut,” the notorious 0th corps commander of the demon army and the demon king’s joker. Caught in a war between humans and demonkind, Deon must find a way to survive!

Kemono to Ore no Kodzukuri Chakushou Nikki ~Mukashi Tasuketa Kemono ni Ongaeshi de Tanetsuke Saremashita~Chapter 60
Smut Yaoi

"Are you so happy to conceive my child that you can't restrain yourself?" I'm a playboy, but I get wet when a beast man touches me...!? Yurito, a playboy who attends a veterinary school, is suffering from the idiosyncratic nature of being "avoided and hated by males," whether they are humans or animals. On the other hand, he has a free-spirited sexual life with women, but these women can't help him get rid of the hot aches in his stomach, so he has to do it himself. One night, when he's masturbating, a big, black beast shows up all of a sudden and licks him there!? On top of that, the beast turns into a human and says, "You saved me a long time ago, and to return the favor, you'll conceive my child." After that, the beast who claims to be a god pushes him down and rubs him in the spot that even he can't reach, and it feels so good...!!!

Demon's WishChapter 41
Adult Mature Romance Smut

One day, the devil Seo Doya had a strange dream. That very day, he encounters a new student at his school, So Won. Strangely enough, even when Doya merely brushes past So Won, his body reacts in ways his mind doesn't intend. Meanwhile, So Won, having attended a welcome party for new students, ends up being invited to the home of Woo Jaehyun, a popular actor and a Film Studies student at her university. Caught between the increasingly entangled Seo Doya and Woo Jaehyun, can So Won have a trouble-free life at school?

Unseen Immortal for 300 YearsChapter 27
Action Drama Romance Shounen ai

[Translated by Mosh Scans] There are thousands of evil spirits in the world, half of whom reside in the city of Shining Night. As for the remaining half, all of them died in the Northern Region of Canglang, which was held by the Heavenly Host, Xiao Fu Xuan. The only devil who had been imprisoned for 25 years is still alive. And, it is Wu Xing Xue, the Lord of Shining Night City

Shooting Star MaybeChapter 0
Action Supernatural

Shooting Star Maybe is crossover manga between various series illustrated by Suzuhito Yasuda. The series included in the croosover manga are Yozakura Quartet, Durarara!!, Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no ha Machigatteiru Darou ka and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. The manga was a limited edition from Animate, offered to those who bought both the Shooting Star Etiquette and Shooting Star Dandyism which were available within the limited edition bundle, the Shooting Star Premium Box 2.

Author of My Own DestinyChapter 96
Romance Webtoons

Evil mage Fiona Green was destined to die at the hands of the protagonist couple in “The Emperor and the Saint.” That is, until the story’s author became Fiona herself! Though mistreated, cast out by her pompous family and thrown into the battle at Heylon, Fiona is determined to use her magic for good. But things take a rather unexpected turn when she rescues the male lead, Siegren, turning him from foe to friend… Will she successfully rewrite her fate without changing the story’s happy ending?

Dreaming Of The Dokkaebi 〘Mature Official〙Chapter 13
Adult Drama Mature Supernatural

Ju Minchan had always suffered from frequent fevers as a kid because of some unfortunate curse. Now as a young adult, his condition has worsened into seizures which he can only keep at bay by hunting spirits. As if things couldn’t get any worse, the effectiveness of this method starts diminishing as his seizures become more recurrent. Then, he learns about a powerful being who could lift his curse. Despite the risk that comes with hunting down this being, Minchan readily jumps at this chance to finally escape his harsh fate only to find out that he was never destined to live a normal life…

Villain Duke's Precious OneChapter 124
Comedy Drama Webtoons

Dietrich Lagrange is destined to become the story's most evil villain, in a family where everyone cruelly vies to claim their place as its head. But somehow, Anissa is worming her way into his cold, shut-off heart. Little does he know that she's actually a reader reborn as his baby sister. No matter what happens, she plans to survive the story rather than live out her character's original deadly fate! Can she remain by Dietrich's side as he rises in power within the dangerous Lagrange family?

Master, You’ve Disconnected Again!Chapter 35
Comedy Martial arts

Adapted from the novel of the same name, "Master, You've Disconnected Again!" describes the adventures of a trio—the directionally-challenged Shen Ying, the swordsman Yi Qing, and the wealthy Daddy Niu. This is not your typical cultivation story but a comedy about a funny yet super-strong teacher and her upright and gentle disciples.

The CrowChapter 19
Action Horror Martial arts Shounen

"人死为殇" - In a realm where life and death intertwine, a gateway emerges through which souls traverse to the mortal world, unleashing calamity upon their arrival. Amidst this chaos, a fateful misstep leads "Zhang" an unsuspecting food delivery driver, to stumble into a haunted abode, setting off a chain of events that will test his mettle.

Terminally-ill Genius Dark KnightChapter 53
Action Shounen

[By the author that brought you !] is a fantasy RPG infamous for its extreme difficulty. However, to Yoo Chan, who was diagnosed with a terminal illness at a young age, this game was his entire life and has now become his reality. From now on, Yoo Chan has to survive in this world as Nox von Reinharber, the worst villain in the first act of the game. Will he be able to reach the end of the story safely?

Jigoku no AshitaChapter 4
Comedy Romance Supernatural

Ashita, a high schooler who will do anything for love, falls down the stairs after a heartbreak. When he opens his eyes, he finds himself crossing the River Styx in the arms of a beautiful demon, Gasha. She praises him for being a “very good kid”, and Ashita, who fell in love with her at first sight, does as he's told and enrolls in a high school in Hell. Thrown into the midst of demons who are too true to their desires, his school life of bloodshed begins!

Devil’s AdventChapter 51
Action Comedy Martial arts

In this world, there is a legend that has existed for many years: One day, the demon king will appear in the world, and under his command, seven terrifying demons will unleash darkness and despair upon the world.

Catching Up to Luke Vischel (Official)Chapter 58
Action Comedy Drama Romance

With wealth, status, and incredibly good looks, the only thing Bastian Effenberg is missing is a decent personality. But who needs one of those when the queen is your cousin and the whole world bows at your feet? Of course, even a noble pain in everyone's side needs to be disciplined once in a while. And that's what Bastian's parents thought they were doing when they threatened to marry him off to Luke Vischel, the ferocious knight of everyone's nightmares. Luke may have been the only person Bastian ever feared, but that is precisely how she captured his heart. Now, Bastian is determined to conquer the woman who once sent chills up his spine, but is he any match for her? This pompous heir is certainly a force to be reckoned with, but if anyone can tame him, it's her.

Sousou no FrierenChapter 128
Drama Shounen

The adventure is over but life goes on for an elf mage just beginning to learn what living is all about. Elf mage Frieren and her courageous fellow adventurers have defeated the Demon King and brought peace to the land. With the great struggle over, they all go their separate ways to live a quiet life. But as an elf, Frieren, nearly immortal, will long outlive the rest of her former party. How will she come to terms with the mortality of her friends? How can she find fulfillment in her own life, and can she learn to understand what life means to the humans around her? Frieren begins a new journey to find the answer.

I Made a Deal with the Devil [Official]Chapter 36
Drama Mature Romance Webtoons

Shamelessly betrayed by her fiance and cruelly framed by her family, Eva Young swore to herself that she would make everyone who had wronged her regret. She would pay them back tenfold or more... even if it means she had to make a deal with the devil himself! She was fully prepared to pay a heavy price in exchange for getting what she wanted - vengeance! However, the surprisingly handsome devil only wanted one simple kiss from her every night? Wait... What? That was all? Was he being serious?!

Talent-swallowing MagicianChapter 70
Action Drama Shounen Webtoons

The descendant of a once great wizarding family, Elric Mervinger is unable to perform magic due to a rare medical condition. While attempting to cure his disease, he stumbles upon the demon Mephistopheles, who tries to possess Elric to free himself from a dragon's trap. But when Elric ends up absorbing Mephisto instead, the two become bound together. With Mephisto by his side, will this new power allow Elric to restore his family to its former glory? Or will he just end up being devoured?

The Obsessive Male Lead Made Me The Female LeadChapter 36
Comedy Drama Romance Shounen

[Welcome to 『The Opponent of the Dragon』.] “Oh my, the book talks!” [I am a guide for travelers who have transmigrated into the novel.] I possessed the body of Tiarozety Isol, a supporting character in 『The Opponent of the Dragon.』 The book will send me back to my world as soon as I complete the ending of the male lead, Lexion. The problem is, I’ve never read this book before. Besides… [If the development of the story deviates from the original, the traveler gets a penalty right away.] “Penalty?” [Yes. The penalty is that the novel proceeds in the direction the traveler doesn’t want the most.] “Oh my god.” I was able to play the role of Tiarozety firmly. But then, I suddenly fell in love with the male lead, Lexion Sparrow. “I’ll miss you.” I was able to complete the ending by dying for him. However- There was a problem with the ending. Thus, I returned to the beginning of the novel again. Somehow, I was sent back again inside the novel on my way home. And- “Titi, choose me. Not this damn fate.” “………” “Choose me, even if the path is rough. Because I’m ready for anything.” And that’s how… Lexion, the male lead, began to cling onto me.

Grinding To the Top [Official]Chapter 20
Action Adult Mature Smut

In the not-too-distant future, a Full-Dive game called “Lowtow World” captivates players worldwide. Kang Tae-young, an unemployed 20-year-old, is farming virtual items for his former high school bullies. One fateful day, he stumbles upon a mysterious and legendary item that inexplicably attracts the attention – and bodies – of nearby women to him: The Eye of Yoma. With his newfound powers, Tae-young will try his best to leverage this unexpected advantage, changing his life from a nerdy nobody into a super stud.

The Demon's Darling DaughterChapter 52
Romance Webtoons

Mia Evelan has never left the tiny room where her aunt and uncle keep her locked up. Then one night, she has a series of dreams that show her the future, and learns that her true father could be a demonic grand duke. Knowing this, Mia plans to escape her room and ask the grand duke for child support so she can strike out on her own. But once they've met, her father isn't intent on letting her go so easily! Should Mia choose a life of independence or one with her newly found demon family?

Policing in the Zhou DynastyChapter 63
Action Comedy Drama Martial arts

Li Mu traveled to a magical world full of demons, ghosts and immortals. All he wanted at first was to be alive until the fox he had saved began to talk…This story is about a modern young man doing justice in a magical world.

Act Like a Boss Monster, Mr. Swallow!Chapter 27
Action Comedy Shounen Supernatural

The Primordial Core’s an unconquerable dungeon, the lair of the most powerful monster ever to exist, the Original Monster, the incarnation of evil—Swallow... who happens to be a lazy boss monster who just wants to sleep. Taking care of this lazy bum is Renee, a homunculus maid whose obsession with Swallow knows no bounds. At this point, the only one keeping the dungeon running is Patrick, the last brain cell of the bunch—and he’s a skeleton! Will Mr. Swallow get any rest amid all this chaos?

Please Slay The Demon! Young Master!Chapter 68
Action Drama Martial arts Shounen

In this majestic world, spanning the heavens and earth, exists a vibrant and joyous world of immortal cultivation. When Chu Liang opened his eyes, he found himself as a disciple of the Shu Mountain Sect, possessing a peculiar treasure tower. From then on, he embarked on an unimaginable path.With the morning mist rising from the thirty-six peaks, he slays dragons eight thousand miles away!…”Please slay the demon! young master!”

The Demon King Dad and His Hero DaughterChapter 26
Action Comedy Martial arts

Selene, the daughter who dreams of becoming a hero, and Shion, the demon king who adopted her. Shion has to conceal his true identity at all costs, unable to cheer on his daughters dreams or attempt to stop her. This is the story of Selenes journey to becoming a true hero amidst this dilemma Or is it the parenting story of the demon king?!

I Lost My Adventurer's License, but It's Fine Because I Have an Adorable Daughter Now (Official)Chapter 47
Action Drama Shounen

Douglas, once known as a legendary enhancement spellcaster, is now little more than your average, weak old man. On top of that, he was kicked out of the hero party, and eventually had his adventurer's license revoked... And that's how he ended up a vagabond, wandering aimlessly. After an encounter with Rabi, a cursed little girl, a new adventure begins...

The Story of an Angel-like DevilChapter 1


Yashiro no MaouChapter 3
Comedy Shounen

Maou Shaitan Geneha, a demon lord whose powers were sealed away, seeks out the descendant of the one who sealed her; company employee Shishibe Yashiro. Wanting Yashiro to undo the seal, Maou forms a contract with her, aiming to satisfy Yashiro in the hopes that she'll undo the seal.

Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation: The Asmodian Artificer ArcChapter 11
Action Comedy Horror Shounen

10 years after the ending of the original, comes the sequel to the manga series Muhyo to Rouji no Mahouritsu Soudan Jimusho . Muhyo to Roji no Mahouritsu Soudan Jimusho: Mazoku Magushi-hen, follows Muhyo, Rouji and all their friends some time after the conclusion of the main series.

Starfall: A Song for the CosmosChapter 150
Drama Romance Webtoons

By your side, even till death. The boy, though born to a king, chose a path the whole world condemned. The girl, due to forces out of her control, was a pariah from the moment she was born. The stars align for this unlikely pair as their destinies entwine, and they form a bond that stands the test of time. *The elected manhwa of 2015 manhwa scout by SBA-Seoul culture office-KAKAO.

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